Landra holding her book "Where Is God In This"

Where Is God In This?

In this book Landra Young Hughes vulnerably shares her own stories of loss, loneliness, and lament as she gently reaches out to readers in the midst of their own struggles with the unfailing love of God. This is not a book about how to “get over” hard times. It’s a book about digging into the hard and asking God “How can I learn from this? How can I grow? How can I use this to bring You glory?”

The bible verse Psalm 27:13
A photo of the book 'Where Is God In This"

this book is raw and personal as landra shares her honest pursuit of the truth that heals. get ready to receive a big dose of hope through her grace-infused insights.

- Craig Groeschel

Pastor of Life Church and New York Times best selling author

she writes with the authority of someone standing in the center of the firefight. The pain is fresh, but so is the faith.

- Jimmy Evans

Founder and President of XO Marriage

This book isn't written with theories, nice sentiments, or cute ideas. Landra wrote this book from a tear-soaked place of pain and loss and heartache - the same place you might be in right now.

- Jennie Lusko

Cofounder of Fresh Life Church and bestselling author

if you've ever wondered where god is during the dark moments of life, this book is for you.

- sean and catherine lowe

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